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Last Month in the malayalam film industry the main talk is about Sagar Alias Jacky.Sagar Alias Jacky,the hero of "Irupatham Nootandu" is coming back.The movie "Sagar Alias Jacky Reloaded" which will follow the title character of "Irupathaam Nootandu", will have Mohanlal donning a stylish, hi-tech super hero, essentially an underworld don.
In the film Mohanlal is appearing in James Bond look
After the much critically acclaimed debut in ‘Big B’, Young cinematographer turned director Amal Neerad '' will start working for his new film ‘Saagar’ Alias Jacky-reloaded'' by the first of December. The movie which will be shot at many locations including Dubai, Leh, Goa, and Thiruvananthapuram will have plenty of mainstream artists in important roles.
The director Amal, script writer S N swamy and the crew, is in the final phase of polishing the script for the movie which will be one of the most stylish movies ever filmed on Lal.According to the latest news it will be the first malayalam movie which should be taken just like a James Bond movie.The appearance of Mohanlal is very stunnish in the movie.No more details is not available now.

All the Mohanlal fans and the malayalam movie world is looking forward for the movie "Sagar Alias Jacky Reloaded".Let us see what more features added in the film.I think it will be the next megahit among the coming malayalam movies.
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Kavya Madavan

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Chat with your Favourite Stars.............
She has a strong and dominating screen persona and when you meet Kavya; her vivacious and sweet mannerisms immediately strike you. She sizzled her way into the hearts of many through her innocent characters. Kavya, who is known for her typical Neeleswaram dialect, has become a part of the filmdom now. She entered in to the tinsel town as a child artist in Pookkalam Varavayi in 1984. Kavya bagged the hearts of filmgoers with her debut heroine role in Chandranudikkunna Dikkil. The down to earth girl has marked her footprints in Kollywood also.

* How does Kavya Madhavan enter into the tinsel town?
My father sent a photograph of mine in response to the advertisement given by the director of Pookkalam Varavayi. But people started noticing me only after the film Azhakiya Ravanan. But the real break came through Chandranudikkunna Dikkil.

* So tell us little more about Kavya Madhavan?
My father Madhavan is a businessman and my mother, a house wife. I have a brother. He is a fashion designing student. Madhu has done the costume designing in some of films like Katha and Nammal Thammil. He is in Australia now.

*About the glorious school days?
I did my entire schooling in Neeleswaram. I first stepped into the world of letters as an LKG student in JCS Nursery. Then it is the GLP School that got an opportunity to tolerate me up to 4th standard. And I joined Rajas High School for my high school education. Rajas School was the first to felicitate me when I got the State Award.

* What are the upcoming projects?
Inspector Garud with Dileep. After that Arunam, in which I am doing a daughter-like character of Manojettan (Manoj K. Jayan).

* Dream role?
I would like to do the role of a dancer.

* Best friends in the industry?
Everyone in the filmdom field is my friend. I have lot of friends from my school. Still we maintain the bond of friendship. Then, from the industry, Bhavana comes to my home now and then.

* What about the fans?
They are not fans. They are my good friends, who are ready to do anything for me. They have been seeing me since I entered the field as a child artist.

* If you were given an opportunity to be born again with specific qualities or features from various people, how would you like to be?
I want to reborn as Kavya Madhavan, in the same family, with same friends and with same looks too. But one thing must be changed. My character needs some alterations. I am a short tempered person.

* Are the wedding bells ready to ring?
This is not the time. It will happen only when it is supposed to.

* Favorites:
• Color: White
• Food: Chicken Curry and Sweets
• Dress: Any thing which is comfortable especially Churidar and Salwar
• Location: As I am able to go home immediately after shooting now I opt for Ernakulam. Otherwise it is Ottappalam.
• Movie: Can’t pinpoint a particular film. But I like Chandrnudikkunna Dikkil. I was only a 9th standard student when assigned to do the role of a married woman in the film.